Design for Learning in the Flow of Everyday Life:  Children, Families, Communities, and Beyond

Why learn? How? In this seminar we will investigate the fundamental nature of learning, with the goal of informing learning designs enhanced with digital technology and otherwise.  

With our guest speakers, we will examine learning in relation to: play, social and parasocial relationships, culture and community, language, literacy, parenting, poverty, self-directed education, and neuroscience.

Optional projects will allow students to dig deeper into specific topics, apply concepts to existing learning designs, or create something new.  Enrollment is limited. The class is offered Pass/Fail only.

Readings, class announcements and other resources can be found here. A Slack channel is provided for communication between students, instructors and TAs. To facilitate discussion, we will ask you to submit questions before each session. The form for question submissions can be found here. Feel free to direct questions to jhgray@media.mit.edu and dkroy@media.mit.edu. For feedback on your projects, please email isysoev@mit.edu to request a meeting.

Pre-readings before the first class:  Science of Learning Article, and Summary of Article.